No question is a silly one, here are a few questions I am often asked...


can i discuss my problem with you before i book?

Absolutely. Feel free to contact me directly via contact me to discuss any issues or questions you may have, allowing me to assess whether this is the right type of therapy of you. The more information I have ahead of an appointment will allow me to plan a consultation and rehabilitation plan specific to your need.

If you send me a message via the contact form leaving your home or mobile phone number I will happily give you a call to discuss see here

Do you offer mobile treatments?

Yes, as well as offering appointments from my home treatment room in Sittingbourne, I also offer a mobile service. This suits some people who are unable to get to me due to other commitments or just feel more comfortable in their own homes. This service will however incur a slightly higher charge.

Please contact me directly to arrange a mobile appointment here

will i need follow up treatments?

This solely depends on the reason you require treatment. Clients requiring massage for either relaxation purposes or purely muscle maintenance between sporting activities will not need specific follow ups, other than when they feel the need for additional treatment. Those with more chronic conditions and specific injuries often benefit from a regular course of  treatment to ensure rehabilitation. However, whilst follow up appointments may be suggested, this is totally up to your discretion. 

do i need to bring anything with me?

There is no need to bring anything with you other than the clothes you will wear during the treatment. Many of my clients feel comfortable in either shorts or underwear but I ensure clients are covered with a towel throughout the whole treatment.

how long does a treatment take?

Your first appointment will be a 60 minute session which will include a consultation and full assessment of your condition and needs before any treatment can be provided. The length of any follow up appointment will be at your discretion but will need be a minimum of 30 minutes to be effective.

Please see a list of my appointment types here

what do i do after the treatment?

You won’t need to do anything specific after a treatment, however, rehydration is important so ensure you drink plenty of water. Massage speeds up the release of toxins from muscles and tissues through the blood and lymphatic system, so drinking water will help the released toxins leave the body.

I have a bad back but I don't play sport?

Soft tissue massage can be applied to any musclo-skeletal problem be it the result of a sport injury or a postural problem because you have been sitting awkwardly all day long. Whether for remedial purposes or purely for relaxation I will fully assess you condition and provide treatment accordingly.

i have heard sports massage can be painful, will it hurt?

This is a common misconception and often some therapists and clients still believe in the old saying ‘no pain, no gain’ but massage does not need to be brutal. I will use a combination of general and more specific techniques that work on individual muscles and muscle groups to release muscle fibres and increase circulation by slowly working with the muscle, rather that applying force. I will constantly check the client is comfortable with the amount of pressure being applied and adjust accordingly. This will allow the muscles to relax and achieve the best result from the treatment.

are you qualified and what protects me?

I qualified from the London School of Sport Massage and I have a BTEC level 5 Qualification in Soft Tissue Therapy, this qualification is governed by the institute of Sport and Remedial Massage more information can be found here. I hold full public liability insurance and will only treat clients after a full assessment.

i don't have a specific sports injury, but would a massage help me?

A massage can help at anytime, especially whilst trying to improve performance, speeding up recovery between exercise or post an event. Of course you don't have to be into sport to benefit from a massage, if you have been sitting awkwardly at desk all day and in discomfort, a massage can help improve you posture and reduce pain.  

I am pregnant is it safe for you to treat me?

Yes, after the first trimester, massage be very beneficial when given during pregnancy. I massage in a side-lying position and ensure your bump is fully supported to make sure you’re completely comfortable throughout. Relaxation during pregnancy can reduce stress for you and baby, relaxing the nervous system and improving circulation to help symptoms like swollen ankles, leg cramps and sciatica. New mothers can also benefit from massage, reducing anxiety caused by hormonal changes and generally providing some much needed relaxation.

my leg is still swollen, can i come and see you?

If your injury is a recent one i.e happened in the last 48 hours and is showing signs of heat redness and pain as well as the swelling; I would suggest this acute injury should not be treated; I would recommend following the RICE principles for 48 hours (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation). If after this time the redness heat and pain is reducing I would be happy to assess the injury to understand whether it can be treated with massage. However if there is no improvement after this time I would recommend seeking medical advice and perhaps an x-ray.   

Are there any reasons why I cannot be treated?

At the start of every treatment a short assessment will be made to understand whether you are showing an specific reasons that will prevent treatment, i.e. open wounds, bone fractures, joint dislocations to name a few.  If it is determined that I am unable to treat then a full refund or no charge will be applied.