The Marathon Pack (£80.00)

The Marathon Sports Massage Pack is designed to give you optimum treatment throughout your training in preparation for your big run. Focusing on maintaining muscle health and increasing the speed of recovery between training sessions, this package will support you right up to the event and in the days following when you may feel you need it most.   

The pack consists of the following treatments:

3 x 30 minute MAINTENANCE treatments during training

During these sessions we will work on the soft tissues to prevent the build up of those niggles that can stop you achieving the most from your training. We will also look at the most effective stretches and strengthening exercises that can target those problem areas  and prevent injury.

1 x 45 minute pre- event treatment

This session will focus on ensuring you are ready for the big run and you achieve your personal best!

1 x 60 minute post-event treatment  

Probably the most important session in the pack, this post-event treatment will provide you a full body massage, working on those muscles that have been put through their paces and increase the speed of your recovery.