Protection of your personal information is important to us

Protection of your personal information is important to us

Privacy policy

As you will have seen with many sites and other services, protection of personal information is a requirement of European Law .

SarahClarkeLife is no exception to that Law and we must tell you exactly what information we hold,  how long  we hold it for and for what reason in the simplest terms.

You may withdraw your consent  to hold this data at anytime, request it to be amended, restrict our ability to process it or have the information redacted.

If for any reason you wish to see the information  we hold for yourself or you are not happy with your personal information being held by SarahClarkeLife you may request it to be deleted through our contact form here.

Web and Website Cookies

For the purpose of monitoring , tailoring and improving our service we use cookies to collect anonymous data such as browser type, operating system, source of referral, geo-reference and unique IP address.

This allows us to see how many people visit the site and which of our pages are most popular and what pages are least visited.

The information We hold (Web)

SarahClarkeLife will store full 'names' ,  'email addresses' and 'mobile contact numbers' of clients who have booked an appointment and given permission to do so.  The details stored will be used to remind clients of an appointment, change,  cancel or reschedule an existing appointment and contact clients with regards to follow up appointments. The information will only be used by employees of SarahClarkeLife and will never be shared or sold to any third party.

We will never contact you using these details unless it is subject to an existing appointment or follow up appointment.

We also use Acuityscheduling to book, manage and remind clients of appointments and the services privacy details can be found here

This information as well as the date and time of your last visit will be held for a period of 7 years at which point the information will be automatically destroyed.

Not all information is electronic

Not all information is electronic

Information we will not store digitally

When you visit SarahClarke for the first time an initial physical assessment will be carried out in order to assist the appropriate treatment or treatments to help an injury or relieve a symptom. Information gathered at the time of the first appointment is not stored electronically and may not neccessarily be available outside of that assessment. 


As part of your initial assessment we will request you fill in an intake questionnaire, this will ask for permission to hold information such as 'Name', 'Date of Birth', 'Email Address' and  'Mobile Phone Number' and any long term conditions or contra indications for both the purposes of insurance and in order to manage our business. This information is held in a locked vault and will be retained for 7 years from the date of your first treatment.

We will never share this information with anybody.

If at any time you wish to see the information we hold on file for yourself,  amend it,  restrict it's use or request that it is destroyed, you may request that here